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Pamela J. Sperry, CLC Adult Education Director 


  • Jan
    Original source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/coursestorm/live/media/b1c2380bec7711eab7b70a4dad2d45a7

    Creative Writing Workshop via Zoom – Session 1

    This ongoing workshop offers participants an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing, overcome the internal critic, and let heart and soul flow out onto the page! Just as importantly, it also provides a tight knit, supportive community of fellow writers with whom to share the fruits of your labor. The instructor, Elizabeth Potter, will […]

  • Jan
    Original source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/coursestorm/live/media/b56b4bf2ec7711eab7b70a4dad2d45a7

    Medicare 101 (January)

    Questions about Medicare? Join Jo-Ann Neal for thisinformational seminar outlining the basics of Medicare. Jo-Ann will answer your questions including what Medicare does and does NOT cover, when to enroll, the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans, and which plan is best for you. Following the presentation, Jo-Ann will be available for a […]

  • Jan
    Original source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f2/Google_Inbox_by_Gmail_logo.svg/1099px-Google_Inbox_by_Gmail_logo.svg.png

    Webinar: Beyond Gmail

    Did you know that your Gmail account lets you use all kinds of additional services like free cloud storage, word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, video conferencing and more? In this one-hour introductory course we’ll explore other useful Google apps to help you get the most out of your Google account. Requirements for this class: A computer […]

  • Feb
    Original source: https://storage.needpix.com/rsynced_images/office-614213_1280.jpg

    Bookkeeping Certificate

    How do you manage the finances of a business? Whether you are an entrepreneur, running a family business, or just looking to advance your career and add to your skill set, this Bookkeeping Certificate will provide you with the knowledge needed to measure, and manage, the financial health of your business. This program focuses on […]

  • Feb
    Image uploaded by Central Lincoln County Adult Education

    Certificate in Project Management

    In today’s business environment, there is a need for good project management. Project management provides visibility of project health to the business and the customer. Through continuous monitoring, early detection of variations to plan, schedule, and budget can be communicated to stakeholders for quick resolution, including project cancelation. Project management is one of the fastest […]

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